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Gamma-Scout is a general purpose survey meter that measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. It has proven to be useful in the medical, nuclear, mining, metal scrap and foundry industries. It is also used by first responders, police, customs and border control, hobbyists, rock hounds and in personal or home survival kits. The Gamma-Scout sets a new standard in portable geiger counter performance and functionality.


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GammaScout Gamma-Scout Radiation Counter Radioactivity Dosimeter Geierzähler Geiger Measure Radioactive

GAMMA-SCOUT Standard Geiger Counter


GAMMA-SCOUT Geigerzähler Nuclear Radiation Counter

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GAMMA-SCOUT ALERT Geigerzähler Nuclear Radiation Counter

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GAMMA-SCOUT RECHARGEABLE Geigerzähler Nuclear Radiation Counter

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GAMMA-SCOUT ONLINE Geigerzähler Nuclear Radiation Counter

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GAMMA-EASY Geiger Counter


GAMMA-EASY Geigerzähler Nuclear Radiation Counter

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Functions and Features (all models) - please see also free DOWNLOAD section below ...
  • Large range of calbration:
    In measuring mode, the display shows the current radiation measurement reading.
    The display also temporarily shows the average H of the last day (24h, 12 am to 12 am).
  • Large Scale:
    GAMMA-SCOUT® is calibrated across a wide scale (0.01 up to1000.00 µSv/h).
  • Tested Calibration:
    Each GAMMA-SCOUT® radiation meter is subjected to a final test. This test is supervised by
    the Institute of Radiation Protection; a government controlled university for Applied Technology.
    The tested device must be in a confidence interval of 5% in comparison to a master.
    This master is adjusted to a gauged reference Cs-137 emitter.
  • Reference Isotope Not Equal to Cs-137:
    The conversion from impulses per time into the dose rate is based on Cs-137. If other isotopes
    are present, the impulses per time can be directly displayed, and can be converted by using
    personal charts.
  • Dose Rate and Dose:
    GAMMA-SCOUT® can be used as a dose meter (cumulative radiation).
  • Change Sievert to Rem:
    The dose rate may be displayed in Sievert or Rem.
  • Energy-Saving Permanent Operation:
    The GAMMA-SCOUT® monitors radiation day and night and logs data for later download.
    Due to sophisticated electronics, its battery lasts for years. The model “RECHARGEABLE” works
    with a rechargeable battery.
  • Data Storage:
    GAMMA-SCOUT® stores all registered pulses in its internal memory and keeps them ready for you
    to use when desired. 32,000 Readings: For constant monitoring of the environmental data, the interval
    of data storage is set on a value of one per week. This equals 600 years of memory capacity.
    The user can set up smaller intervals, which maxes out the memory capacity sooner.
    To clear the memory content, see the manual.
  • Certification:
    GAMMA-SCOUT® meets all European CE standards as well as the
    “FCC 15 standard” of the USA. GAMMA-SCOUT® may be carried on aircraft.

GAMMA-SCOUT® w/alert (basic functions plus alert and ticker)

  • Threshold for Dose Rate:
    This model features an acoustic alert when radiation level exceeds a user programmed threshold..
  • Threshold for (cumulative) Dose:
    GAMMA-SCOUT® w/ALERT offers an acoustic alarm when a user programmed threshold for the
    cumulative dose is exceeded.
  • Ticker:
    The user can set an acoustical ticker which activates with each gamma pulse detected.
    To save battery resources, the signal shuts down after ten minutes and must be restarted.
    On devices with rechargeable batteries, the ticker will not shut down.

GAMMA-SCOUT® ONLINE / REAL TIME (with the functions of the Alert-model)

  • Used in Measurement Stations:
    GAMMA-SCOUT® sends measured impulses in a 2 second interval
    (synchronized with the measurement ) via USB-Port to a connected PC.

GAMMA-SCOUT® RECHARGEABLE (with the functions of the Alert-model)

  • Rechargeable: power supply, charged via USB (power supply unit or PC).

Technical Data

Display Liquid-crystal display (LCD), 4-digit, numeric with dimension,
quasi-analogue logarithmic bar chart.
Operating mode indicators
Ray detector End-window alpha-beta-gamma detector counting tube according to
the Geiger-Müller principle
Stainless steel housing
Measuring length 38.1 mm, measuring diameter 9.1 mm
Mica window 1.5 to 2 mg/cm2

Zero rate <10 pulses per minute with sreening by 3mm AI and
50mm Pb Operating temperature -20 bis +60°C, operating voltage
approx. 450 V Calibrated scale 0.01 μSv/h up to 1000.00 μSv/h
Ray types a from 4 MeV;
  ß from 0.2 MeV
  y from 30 keV
Ray selection a + ß + y without shielding
  ß + y AI foil approx. 0.1 mm, shields off a completely
  y Al shielding approx. 3 mm, Shielding off a completely
and ß to 2 MeV, weakens y less than 7% based on Cs-137
Recycling We recycle returned devices cost-free
Power consumption Less than 10 microamperes under environmental radiation
Memory 64 Kbyte | 32.000 data memory
Housing impact-resistant plastic
Dimensions Length 163 mm x width 72 mm x height 30 mm
Interference protections European CE standard, US-standard FCC-15
State December, 2010 (Right of modification reserved)


Our product legal warranty covers component and processing defects. It is active for 24 months
after delivery (from Gamma-Scout GmbH&Co, KG). Destroyed sensors are not included in this warranty.
We guarantee that all sensors are functional at the time of delivery because a calibration procedure
is performed before each product is sent out.

Furthermore, we offer a repair service as described below. Please note: Troubleshooting and possible
reshipment without repair is also subject to charges. If a repair order is received without a request for
a cost estimate, there will be no charges for troubleshooting or cost estimate inquiry.
Repair orders must be for complete repairs only. 

(Date: 06/2011)





Costs in Euro before VAT

 My Material
My Shipment (Germany)
Total Costs for Customer
1 Troubleshooting
Cost estimate
 10,00  10,00
 10,00  30,00
2  Battery change  30,00  3,00  10,00  45,00
3  Processor change  70,00    10,00  80,00
4  Sensor change  22,00  40,00  10,00  75,00
5  High voltage unit change  25,00
   10,00  40,00
6 Display change
 30,00  5,00  10,00  50,00
 7 Finding and soldering disconnected contact, other  <,= 30,00  

TOOLBOX® Handling – Assistance for Data-Reading from Gamma-Scout ®

Gamma-Scout GmbH & C0, KG is a company that produces Geiger-Mueller Counters.

Our goal is to offer a reliable, easy to handle, and affordable measurement gadget that enables anyone to autonomously measure/check radiation in the workplace, personal environment, or while traveling.

For this reason, we designed Gamma-Scout as a constantly monitoring device that cannot be switched off. The Gamma-Scout logs data internally night and day and enables the user to read out data with the assistance of our „Toolbox“ software.
Despite all efforts to keep this procedure as simple as possible, we have still been flooded with requests. Most of those requests have nothing to do with malfunction of our software, but are general consultations about setting up the users‘ computer.
This kind of consultation cannot be included in our service if we want to keep our product affordable. Therefore, we would like to reorganize our data-reading assistance service:

1. The  „Toolbox“ Software CD (included in the delivery) is synchronized for use with the „usual“ operating system software, which is currently Windows 7. We have added a clear navigation for users with older Microsoft operating system software. However, in special situations ( e.g. very old configurations, internal restrictions that forbid the use of external software, occupied ports etc.), please follow the steps below:
2. We provide our users with software and corresponding drivers on an external server on the internet. Users can access this software via internet (in the sense of „Cloud Computing“). The data read-out procedure will be managed from there. The way to access this service is described in the manual, keyword „Toolbox.“
3. We offer our read-out software as a service compatible with Microsoft operating system software. Users with Apple or Linux software need additional software (freeware) to run the read-out procedure.




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